Perfection is just a perception. It differs.


Last night, i was listening to one of Taylor swift’s song and it got me thinking. I find her inspiring and a great singer who is a great song writer as well. In other words, i find her perfect. However, my brother has a different perception. I don’t mean he hates or so. He doesn’t get amazed looking at her like i do. He doesn’t hums her song all the time. He doesn’t jumps in excitement whenever he hears her song. But, i do. I kept thinking, why hadn’t he behaved like me while seeing this “perfect human” of mine? Then i realized perfection must be perception. Like he doesn’t jumps in excitement over her(Taylor’s) songs, i too, dont get excited over his favorite songs.

We, sometimes, get so caught up in trying to be perfect that we often forget, it differs. We always try to be a person loved and admired by everyone. And, one person, one disapprovement, one comment bugs us and we feel bad about our entire existence. We try to change that and feel worthless due to our unsucessful attempts. So, at times we must be able to remind ourselves that even if we made no mistakes in our work. There will always be one person who will find some errors and may try to bring you down. If, by looking at a glass of water, you state it to be half full, atleast one will surely claim it to be half empty! So, perception differs, so does perfection. Hence, as long as you feel okay, you don’t have to worry about other’s hurtful comments.And if you ever feel you aren’t good enough or beautiful enough. Don’t worry, it’s just your perception.

Getting past my fears!!

To be honest, i really think that i am a bad writer. I do make gramatical errors here and there and have a lot of spelling errors. I am good at expressing what i feel through speaking but when it comes to writing, my confidence gets lowered. I haven’t been able to figure out why it is so, yet. When i read blogs and writings of people (i do that a lot), it really inspires me to write as well. But, again i believe i can’t write.
This inconfidence was eating me for the past  few months and i finally decided to blog. I always wondered if blogging was a process where bloggers gradually start to express their views and opinions or so, learning through experiences and thereby gain confidence. Or, were they confident in their writings from the very beginning? Because, a confident writer has always been able to inspire me in a lot of ways.
Though this isn’t anything big, it took me a lot of courage to write this down. And, it may sound funny to most people (i know). However, I could not let my fear of writing (or lets say fear of showing my written work) demoralize me through out my life. I had to get past it. I believe we can learn through mistakes and i am eager to learn. So, i decided to start from this very blog. 🙂